Horse Hair Ceramics History

‘Horsehair pottery was first discovered by the Native American Navajos. Folklore has it that a Pueblo potter woman discovered this art form when her long hair accidentally blew and made an impression on the hot piece of pottery she was removing from the kiln. She was fascinated by what she saw and decided to try this technique with many other things like straw, pine needles, feathers and finally horse hair.

They found that the thicker and coarser horse hair left striking and clear impressions on the pot as compared to the finer human hair.

Horses were very important to the Navajo people and they continue to this day to commemorate their horses through horsehair pottery.’

Claire uses hair from her own horses to create her horse hair pottery. She can also create unique pieces for horse owners, where they can send her hair form their own horses, which she uses to create a special memento just for them.